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1995, I began working with hot glass, and have been making glass buttons since 2000.
I'm a member of the National Button Society, and my work is available at several state shows throughout the year.
My lampworking (torching) studio is along the enclosed front porch in my NJ home. 
Studio House   Sunny in the Studio
     Studio 2  Studio 3
I design and create all the design elements for the glass canes used to make the buttons.
The colored Moretti glass rods I use are imported from Italy.
Every button goes from the flame of the torch into a 950 degree kiln to anneal (cool down slowly).
This stabilizes the glass as it cools down evenly and prevents cracking.
Then, each item is soaked in a solution of sodium bi-sulfate to remove fire-scale from the brass shank and cleaned with a brass brush.
I like the backs looking as good as the front. It's a pleasure to work in my studio making these glass treasures.
Each button is made on a brass button shank and signed with a slice of my glass signature cane on the back.
In 2010, I started adding the YEAR under my initials.
It's a combined M" & "Y" for MY Signature!!! 
 Occasionally, I list items on EBAY and ETSY selling to collectors all over the world.
Some of my earlier button designs are listed in Elizabeth Hughes 2010 Edition of"The Big Book of Buttons".
Modern Paperweight Buttons, Pages: 249, 251, and page 252 (color plate 50A). 

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