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Vaccine SET Web 200 


 Moveable & Verbal Realistic Glass Button

Inspired by all VACCINE News happening, I created this VACCINE SHOT Button.

It's packed with details and (OME's) Other Materials Embellished.

The vaccine syringe vial is a glass drinking straw cut down to size.

The type is a special decal fused permanently onto the vial.

Then, I assembled all the pieces together to make this button.

The MOVEABLE needle is a stainless steel pin that goes up & down inside the glass syringe. 

A lampworked Pink HAND holds the shot on a brass button shank.  

 Vaccine  Size

NBS Medium

- Limited Edition - 

Signed & Dated Button Measures: 1-1/4" Long x 5/8" Wide x 1/2" deep

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