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Clown ALL 4 SIDES 160


Moveable Realistic 3D Lampworked Glass Button

Glass Jiggle Head on a Metal Spring, Wiggle EYEs,

Yarn Hair & Plastic Grocery Bag Collar (OME's)

This Moveable 3D Realistic Glass Button is PACKED with many FUN details!

It was quite a long process to make all the individual components, then assemble everything together.

 The letters are drawn with hot glass on the sides of the box say

i - c - u  ( I SEE YOU !!!!)

...(which makes this a "verbal").... That's WHY I had to add the Wiggle-Eyes!!!!

Made at the torch on a brass button shank.

Clown SIZE Quarter  

SIZE:  NBS Large

Signed & Dated Button Measures: 2-1/4" high x 1-1/4" wide

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