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Here are a few examples of my glass work. Some of the items shown here are retired.
See the menu above for items that you can buy.
 All items I've created are limited editions. I make all the glass cane images and each button is "one of a kind".
 If you see something here you'd like to BUY, or order something specific, 
click "Contact Me" above for information and availability.
  Penguin Chick Gllery 95   Orange Tabby Cat 101 Gallery  Squirrel 2 Front Gallery 
 Vegetable Platter Special Order 101    Gold Heart Front Gallery 100  Brown Dairy COW Front Gallery 
     Strawberry HAT 2 Gallery         
    Gumball Gallery 2    Poodle Colors Gallery 100  Hat Colors Gallery  
       Dragonfly Front Gallery  Clematis Front Gallery 100  Whistle Goldstone Twist Gallery 100 
    Whistle Sunflower Front    Clown 2 Choices 160  Forget Me Not W butterflies 160  
      Compass 2 Front        
       Gallery Hexagon Bees    
            Cabin Gallery Toad Stool Yellow Front 160          
   Gallery Dimi Dimi Snowglobe     Gallery Dimi Blue Bird Dimi Butterfly  Dimi Strawberry Gallery 90
Diminutive 5/16" Buttons


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